HOC expands social media and video presence

At the HomeOwnership Center, we strive to educate folks who may become potential customers and those who just happen to stumble upon our page.

We want people to feel empowered about making decisions on homeownership and how financial literacy can make a huge impact on achieving financial and life goals.

That’s why we’ve decided to expand our social media and video presence.

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HOC helps customer increase credit score by over 100 points within a year


Not many people realize just how important a credit score is until it’s time to buy a home. Poor credit can lead to higher mortgage rates, flat out loan denials and ultimately putting your homebuying journey on pause.

For local and soon-to-be homeowner Lisa Currence, she knows firsthand how a low credit score can put a damper on future homebuying plans.

Luckily, for Lisa, she turned to the HomeOwnership Center team. Within a year she’s raised her credit score and now she’s just weeks ago from moving into her own home (woot woot)!

We sat down with Lisa to chat about her experience with our team and how she was able to completely change her credit score.

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The benefits of checking and understanding your credit report

Before you begin thinking of applying for a home loan, auto loan or filling out a credit card application, it’s important to know you credit score.

It can be easy to forget, but it’s one of the main criteria lending agencies check to decide if you’re approved or not and at what interest rate. A higher credit score will enable you to secure a lower interest rate and, consequently, lower monthly mortgage payments on your new home. Simply put, life is cheaper with better credit.

Until June 30, the HomeOwnership Center is celebrating Home Ownership Month by offering ½ off credit reports per applicant.

So, whether you’re thinking of buying a house soon or not, you can still take advantage of this offering. Knowing your credit score is the first step to better understanding your credit and financial situation.

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Open House to Celebrate NWW and Home Ownership Month

The HomeOwnership Center is thrilled for this year’s NeighborWorks Week. Last year, like many celebrations, NWW events were done virtually or limited in the number of attendees.

This year, HOC is partnering with Highland Meadows and Highland Community Builders for an open house event opened to potential area homebuyers.

Though, HOC will be following all CDC guidelines and keeping the safety of staff and attendees as the highest priority, we are excited for the opportunity to chat with potential homebuyers about our services.

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How does NeighborWorks America help the HomeOwnership Center?

NeighborWorks America is a public non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve lives and strengthen communities. More than 240 network organizations in the United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are affiliated with NeighborWorks. The HomeOwnership Center is one of only two organizations in West Virginia that are members of the NeighborWorks America network.

For 40 years, NeighborWorks America has been supporting its housing and community development member organizations with funding, training, technical assistance, and a peer network full of great ideas and best practices.

What does being a NeighborWorks Organization (NWO) mean to the HomeOwnership Center, and how does this affiliation essentially help our customers and communities?

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Local homeowner turns to HOC’s Home Improvement Loan

Unexpected damages and repairs are part of being a homeowner. Older houses need enhanced and maintained, safety precautions need to be installed and sometimes you just want to change the overall feel of your home.

JoLynn Powers chats about how the HomeOwnership Center assisted with her family’s home improvement project.

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How HOC’s Home Improvement Loans Can Help Complete Your Home Projects

Do you have a leaky roof that needs fixed? Or would you like to renovate a bathroom to accommodate you or another family member? Are limited funds the reason these projects have been put on the backburner?

Luckily, the HomeOwnership Center’s home repair loans can help you start enjoying your home in a new, renovated way!

Improving your home has tons of benefits for the homeowner and the resale value (should you decide to sell your home later down the road). Home improvement projects can modernize your home, increase living space, make your home safer and provide a new sense of comfort.

Here’s everything you need to know about our home improvement loans.

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Taking the first step in homebuying with HOC: What to expect?

The thought of purchasing a home can be daunting and have you clouded with doubts and fear of ‘can I afford this?’ Approaching a lending agency or bank can be even more intimidating as new worries of homeownership begin to sink in.

At the HomeOwnership Center, we stay with you every step of the way – from assessing your readiness to buy a house to that wonderous closing day.

We work with you on lending options, support you through times of doubts, guide you on how to boost your credit score and celebrate when you finally become a homeowner.

When you begin working with the HomeOwnership Center, you’ll meet with our homeownership advisor Jami Stewart. Jami is full of warmth and information and will help you determine the next steps in your homebuying journey.

In our latest blog, Jami helps ease any hesitation by explaining the initial steps of working with HOC.

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Financial Opportunity Center available for financial education & more

Understanding financial management, budgeting, credit scores and the importance of savings is fundamental when it comes to bettering your personal financial situation. That is why during the month of April, known as Financial Literacy Month, organizations carry out initiatives designed to improve financial literacy. Financial literacy refers to the ability to understand and apply different financial skills effectively.

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Happy Homeowners – Samantha & Owen


Meet Samantha and Owen – two Pennsylvania natives who made their way to the Mountain State roughly eight years ago. Owen came to Elkins in 2012 to study at Davis and Elkins College, and Samantha followed suit in 2015 to be a member of an AmeriCorps program. Now, Owen is employed at VanNostrand Architects based in Buckhannon and Samantha works at LMC & Associates in Elkins. After living in downtown Elkins for five years, the pair decided it was time to purchase their first home together and turned to the HomeOwnership Center for some homebuying education and guidance.

We chatted with Samantha and Owen to find how out the house hunting process was and how the HomeOwnership Center played a role in finding their Randolph County home.

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