HOC expands social media and video presence

At the HomeOwnership Center, we strive to educate folks who may become potential customers and those who just happen to stumble upon our page.

We want people to feel empowered about making decisions on homeownership and how financial literacy can make a huge impact on achieving financial and life goals.

That’s why we’ve decided to expand our social media and video presence.

We’ve been on Facebook and Instagram for quite some time, but now, we have become proud users to the YouTube and TikTok communities!

By extending our social media platforms, we hope to reach a broader, more diverse audience who is seeking information on homeownership, the housing market, tips on finances, mortgage loans and so much more.

Our videos and TikToks will also feature our staff who will detail more about what they do here at HOC, services they offer to customers and tips on what you can expect on the homebuying journey.

“Our goal is to teach people how to avoid credit and financial mistakes and also teach them how to recover if they have already made them,” said Jami Stewart, HOC’s Home Ownership Advisor. “The world has transitioned into videos, and we are hoping to break through that and reach more people to give them the information they need quickly and easily.”

We hope you’ll connect with us on our social media pages and learn a thing or two that you may not have known and hopefully will help you in creating and achieving your goals.