The benefits of checking and understanding your credit report

Before you begin thinking of applying for a home loan, auto loan or filling out a credit card application, it’s important to know you credit score.

It can be easy to forget, but it’s one of the main criteria lending agencies check to decide if you’re approved or not and at what interest rate. A higher credit score will enable you to secure a lower interest rate and, consequently, lower monthly mortgage payments on your new home. Simply put, life is cheaper with better credit.

Until June 30, the HomeOwnership Center is celebrating Home Ownership Month by offering ½ off credit reports per applicant.

So, whether you’re thinking of buying a house soon or not, you can still take advantage of this offering. Knowing your credit score is the first step to better understanding your credit and financial situation.

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Open House to Celebrate NWW and Home Ownership Month

The HomeOwnership Center is thrilled for this year’s NeighborWorks Week. Last year, like many celebrations, NWW events were done virtually or limited in the number of attendees.

This year, HOC is partnering with Highland Meadows and Highland Community Builders for an open house event opened to potential area homebuyers.

Though, HOC will be following all CDC guidelines and keeping the safety of staff and attendees as the highest priority, we are excited for the opportunity to chat with potential homebuyers about our services.

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How does NeighborWorks America help the HomeOwnership Center?

NeighborWorks America is a public non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve lives and strengthen communities. More than 240 network organizations in the United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are affiliated with NeighborWorks. The HomeOwnership Center is one of only two organizations in West Virginia that are members of the NeighborWorks America network.

For 40 years, NeighborWorks America has been supporting its housing and community development member organizations with funding, training, technical assistance, and a peer network full of great ideas and best practices.

What does being a NeighborWorks Organization (NWO) mean to the HomeOwnership Center, and how does this affiliation essentially help our customers and communities?

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