Credit & Budget Advising

Confidential and Individualized Credit and Budget Counseling Sessions

Credit & Budget Advising at the HomeOwnership Center

Our confidential credit and budget counseling sessions are designed to help you manage your money, enhance your financial fitness, and improve your access to credit—whether or not you are currently in the market for a home.

Understanding Credit Reports: We will review your credit report with you, help you understand its meaning and what affects your credit score, point out ways you can improve or re-establish your credit, and help with disputing any erroneous information.

The HomeOwnership Center offers credit & budget counseling services in West Virginia to help you manage your money.

Balancing Income and Debt: We will analyze your income, living expenses, assets, and debt and help you create a plan to reduce your debt or avoid future debt.

Effective Budgeting: We will discuss paying bills, creating a saving plan, affordability issues, and help you develop a personalized budget you can understand and follow.

Creating Financial Goals: We will help you define your short and long-term financial goals, and develop steps you can take to accomplish these goals.

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