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The HomeOwnership Center’s Home Buying Education and Credit Counseling Opportunities

At the HomeOwnership Center, we strive to educate and advise our customers to help them reach their very best future. By offering both individualized advice and up-to-date workshops, we provide the communities we serve with valuable resources that have helped many families become successful home owners and master their financial situations.

The HomeOwnership Center offers home ownership education and counseling services in West Virginia.

When we first start working with a customer whether it is to find the perfect home loan or to simply offer credit and budget counseling and advice, we do it from a customer focused prospective. As a not-for-profit organization, we can completely focus on your best interest, unlike many traditional lending agencies that are forced to only worry about their bottom line, and that can make all the difference.

Financial Education, Advising, Classes, and Workshops Available through HOC

Home ownership counseling services

Individualized Credit and Budget Counseling Appointments

This program will help you enhance your financial fitness, improve your credit, and, if you’re interested in buying a home, become mortgage-ready.

Home Buyer Education Classes

This class covers the full range of issues involved with selecting and financing a home purchase. Participants leave this course fully equipped to make smart home buying decisions.

Post Purchase Home Finance and Maintenance Workshops

The purpose of this class is to assist home owners in the many aspects of what it takes to be a successful and responsible home owner. This includes maintenance and upkeep tips, financial advice, and planning for the future.

Benefits of Home Buying Education and Counseling

Recent studies have shown that education and counseling can greatly improve the financial security of prospective and current home owners, thereby reducing the probability of mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure. We have found that a better educated home buyer makes a better home owner and have helped many families navigate the confusing process of purchasing a home.

For both first-time home buyers and repeat home buyers, pre-purchase housing counseling and education reduces the chance of loans becoming delinquent.\

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For distressed home owners who are already delinquent, housing counseling can provide home owners the advice they need to help them get up-to-date on their payments and avoid foreclosure.

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