Benefits of Choosing HOC

Personalized Service and Customized Home Lending Options Set Us Apart

You may be asking yourself, why go to the HomeOwnership Center as opposed to a traditional bank or lending agency? There are many reasons our customers choose our services over a traditional lending institution, but the most common reason is personalized and individualized assistance and education throughout the entire home buying process. Our trained staff will not only look at traditional methods of lending, but explore with you all your options and provide you with a complete look at how to become a successful home owner.

Learn about the benefits of choosing The HomeOwnership Center for new and existing home owners in West Virginia.

We do specialize in helping first time home buyers, but we also cater to those who have owned several homes in their lifetime. Most repeat buyers are thrilled with the ease, convenience, and service that we provide and wish they had known about us the last time they purchased a home.

Our service and dedication to each and every client truly sets us apart.
We look forward to working with you.

Competitive Rates and Affordable Loan Options for Any Income Level

You many have heard that we only work with low income housing and mortgage options. We do help those who have been turned down for a home loan from their bank, fall into the low and moderate income brackets, or need down payment assistance, but we help customers of any income level and often can offer a better mortgage option than what is offered at a traditional lending agency. Many of our customers fall into the mid-level mortgage range and are thrilled with the many options and programs that we can offer that are not available at traditional lending institutions.

We encourage you to fully explore your options and visit us before or after you visit your bank to compare exactly how we can help you reach your goals.

HomeOwnership Center Offers Sustainable Financing and Loan Options

At the HomeOwnership Center, we put our customers first and not our bottom line. We strive to provide the very best, customer focused services, and that is simply something that most traditional lending providers cannot do. We work with a wide variety of lending agencies on the local, state, and federal level, which enables us to offer our customers the most affordable options with the best long-term outcome. We avoid high priced loans, balloon payments, fluctuating interest rates, hidden fees, and other pitfalls that many first time or even repeat homebuyers fall into when choosing traditional lending options. We truly look out for our customers and help them make the best choices to meet their specific goals and budget.

We don’t just want to help you get into a home of your own, we want you to be able to afford to keep it and set you up for long term success.

Contact a Community Focused Lender for all your Home Buying Needs

We would like to invite you to contact us regardless of your income level or specific needs to explore all the lending, education, and advising services that we provide. For more information and to speak to one of our dedicated staff members stop by our office or call 304-636-9115.