HomeOwnership Center Welcomes Graham Godwin to Board of Directors

The HomeOwnership Center is excited to welcome Upshur County native Graham Godwin to its Board of Directors. Godwin assumed the position of executive director for the Randolph County Housing Authority (RCHA) in January of this year after longtime executive director Karen Jacobson stepped down from her role.

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Longtime HOC Board Member to Leave Role in March

For the past 14 years, Karen Jacobson has served on the HOC Board of Directors, filling the role of board president for several years and board secretary as she steps down in March. Karen’s role on the HOC board served as an integral part in the HomeOwnership Center’s growth and has shown her dedication to our mission of supporting and educating folks of all income levels on the importance of financial stability and home ownership.

Thank you, Karen, for your hard work and commitment to HOC’s staff and customers.

NOTE: This interview was filmed in December of 2021.

UWM’s Mortgage Insurance Buster Now Available to Help YOU Save Money

Have your sights set on becoming a homeowner this year? But want to make sure it’s within your budget?

Through United Wholesale Mortgage’s Mortgage Insurance Buster, the HomeOwnership Center can now help you get that expensive house you’ve been eyeing at a lower monthly payment!

We’re SO excited to announce that UWM’s Mortgage Insurance Buster is now available for HOC customers who are using our conventional lending products.

Our loan originator Chris Vance gives us the rundown on this new option available to HOC customers!

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Looking to refinance your mortgage? Here’s what you need to know about refinancing with HOC

With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much affecting people in several aspects of life, some homeowners are looking for refinance opportunities to lower their mortgage rates. Currently, mortgage rates are low, and many homeowners are taking the opportunity to refinance and save money.

With that said, HomeOwnership Center is expanding its offerings with a new lender relationship, United Wholesale Mortgage, to help homeowners get a lower mortgage rate.

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Info on HOC’s Down Payment Assistance Program

Our Down Payment Assistance Program is a great resource for folks who are currently working with a local lender but are lacking funds for the down payment or closing costs to get their dream home.

We recently finished our fiscal year strong by creating 19 new homeowners using our Down Payment Assistance Program that’s utilized by partnering with local banks.

Here’s what you need to know about this program that has helped so many individuals and families become homeowners!

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HOC expands social media and video presence

At the HomeOwnership Center, we strive to educate folks who may become potential customers and those who just happen to stumble upon our page.

We want people to feel empowered about making decisions on homeownership and how financial literacy can make a huge impact on achieving financial and life goals.

That’s why we’ve decided to expand our social media and video presence.

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HOC helps customer increase credit score by over 100 points within a year


Not many people realize just how important a credit score is until it’s time to buy a home. Poor credit can lead to higher mortgage rates, flat out loan denials and ultimately putting your homebuying journey on pause.

For local and soon-to-be homeowner Lisa Currence, she knows firsthand how a low credit score can put a damper on future homebuying plans.

Luckily, for Lisa, she turned to the HomeOwnership Center team. Within a year she’s raised her credit score and now she’s just weeks ago from moving into her own home (woot woot)!

We sat down with Lisa to chat about her experience with our team and how she was able to completely change her credit score.

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Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Summer


Ah, sweet summertime; a time to relax, explore the great outdoors and check chores off that to-do list.

Yep, summer can be the perfect time to start on those dreaded, but necessary home projects. Taking advantage of the warmer temperatures is also prime time to prepare your home for the winter months, whether it’s replacing pipes or upgrading drafty windows.

Here are some tasks you might consider adding to your summer list.

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The benefits of checking and understanding your credit report

Before you begin thinking of applying for a home loan, auto loan or filling out a credit card application, it’s important to know you credit score.

It can be easy to forget, but it’s one of the main criteria lending agencies check to decide if you’re approved or not and at what interest rate. A higher credit score will enable you to secure a lower interest rate and, consequently, lower monthly mortgage payments on your new home. Simply put, life is cheaper with better credit.

Until June 30, the HomeOwnership Center is celebrating Home Ownership Month by offering ½ off credit reports per applicant.

So, whether you’re thinking of buying a house soon or not, you can still take advantage of this offering. Knowing your credit score is the first step to better understanding your credit and financial situation.

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Open House to Celebrate NWW and Home Ownership Month

The HomeOwnership Center is thrilled for this year’s NeighborWorks Week. Last year, like many celebrations, NWW events were done virtually or limited in the number of attendees.

This year, HOC is partnering with Highland Meadows and Highland Community Builders for an open house event opened to potential area homebuyers.

Though, HOC will be following all CDC guidelines and keeping the safety of staff and attendees as the highest priority, we are excited for the opportunity to chat with potential homebuyers about our services.

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