Credit Advising Available to Assist with 2023 Financial Goals

It’s a new year – a time to refocus, plan for the future and set goals! Perhaps you have goals to reconnect with old friends, incorporate healthier habits into your daily life or to become more financially stable.

At the HomeOwnership Center, we can help you reach your goal of becoming more financially secure through our Credit Advising service!

What is included with Credit Advising?

Our Home Ownership Advisor Jami Stewart takes a thorough look at your income, affordability and credit report to then create an action plan so you can meet your financial goals.

The action plan will guide you step by step on what needs to be done so you can meet those goals. You may be advised to boost your credit score by paying off debt or implementing a new budget into your daily life.

Since your credit score is one of the main factors banks and lenders will consider if you’re planning to acquire a loan, it’s important to understand your credit report.

Who can benefit from this service?

Anyone looking to improve their financial fitness and/or better understand their credit report.

What are the benefits of Credit Advising?

  • Leave the initial appointment with a financial plan
  • Learn tips on how to boost your credit score
  • Understand your credit report & spot any mistakes on your report
  • Get on the path to home ownership: HOC’s Credit Advising can help you start your homebuying journey by explaining the importance of credit, affordability and income.

Are there other services HOC offers for financial improvement and/or financial education?

Yes! We offer:

  • Pre-purchase Counseling: Perfect for folks ready to buy a home! With this service, you’ll learn if you’re mortgage-ready or not and what the next steps will be in your homebuying journey.
  • Home Buyer Education: Our HBE course is a great resource for first time homebuyers. In this course, you’ll learn about obtaining a mortgage loan, understanding credit, managing your money, shopping for a home and more!
  • Community Financial Education: We are dedicated to educating the communities in our service area which is why we’ve offered financial education presentations to various groups around the area. If you are part of a local group or will be hosting a community fair, please reach out to us. We would be happy to share our knowledge!

If you are interested in beginning Credit Advising or learning more about any of services, please reach out by calling 304-636-9115.

Click here for a video on the benefits of Credit Advising.