Can’t Make Mortgage Payments? Here’s What You Should Do:

Facing foreclosure can be a stressful and uncertain time for homeowners.

“What should I do next?”, “Am I going to lose my house?”, “I can’t continue to make my mortgage payments, what is going to happen?”

These are some scary questions that pop up when you aren’t able to make your mortgage payments.

Our Home Ownership Advisor Jami Carpenter who assists folks in Foreclosure Counseling answers some of these questions and more!

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FHA Home Loan: What You Need To Know

It’s a challenging housing marketing right now and it may seem like reaching homeownership is impossible.

We’re here to tell you homeownership IS achievable depending on some factors, including your affordability, the lender you choose and the home loan that you are approved for to close on your home.

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Celebrating HomeOwnership Center Inc.’s 25 Year History

From a RCHA Program to an Independent Non-Profit Organization

Realizing there was a need for affordable and adequate housing for folks in Randolph County, a group of individuals at the Randolph County Housing Authority responded by finding a sustainable and economical solution. The outcome would give folks of all income levels in North Central West Virginia the possibility to attain home ownership, financial stability and to build generational wealth within homes.

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