HomeOwnership Center welcomes new Home Ownership Advisor

The HomeOwnership Center is happy to welcome Carrie Shupp to its staff as its new Home Ownership Advisor. In this position, Carrie will meet with each of the HomeOwnership Center’s customers to provide them the personalized attention and guidance they need to navigate the home buying process and to become successful home owners.

Carrie brings experience and expertise from both her banking and her social work background to her role as Home Ownership Advisor. A Tucker County native who has lived in Randolph County since 1993, Carrie brings a special passion for providing people the information and tools they need to realize their dreams in life. She will be doing just that at the HomeOwnership Center as she assists individuals and families who want to take the all-important step of becoming home owners.

The HomeOwnership Center is very pleased to have Carrie serving on our staff. You may inquire about our home buyer services, or welcome Carrie to the HOC at [email protected].