HomeOwnership Center Welcomes New Board Members

The HomeOwnership Center, Inc. is pleased to welcome two new board members to its ranks! Both recent HOC customers, Elkins residents Brittany Hicks and PJ Binns have joined HOC’s board of directors. HOC staff and current board members are very excited for them to share their enthusiasm for HOC and their professional expertise with us as we work together to find new ways to provide services to our customers and make a positive impact on our communities.

Brittany works with Generation West Virginia to attract, retain, and advance young people in West Virginia, in an effort to stem the outmigration the Mountain State experiences each day. Her work supporting four local Generation groups made up of young leaders who nurture a sense of community and build pathways for young people to stay, is a great complement to the work the HomeOwnership Center does helping people to set down local roots through homeowners. As a prime example of this, in 2019, Brittany and her spouse became first-time homeowners with the help of the HomeOwnership Center.

Brittany’s commitment to HOC’s mission was evident when she stated, “I believe access to affordable, safe housing and the opportunity to purchase a home is a critical factor for young people determining whether to stay or move away. For myself, buying and taking care of an old home in these mountains has been a lifelong dream. It represents an investment in my community, a sense of permanence and stability, and a connection to the past through the history of our circa 1909 home. As a member of the board, I hope to make homeownership more accessible to those who have historically been excluded from it.”

An Elkins native, PJ has worked as the Regional Supervisor for Burlington United Methodist Family Services for their Safe at Home Program since October 2016. Prior to this, he worked 15 years in the behavioral health field. He also works as an adjunct faculty member of Davis and Elkins College in the Business Department.

PJ explained his interest in serving on the HOC board this way, “I am excited to be a member of this organization that helps people in my home community. Being from the Elkins area and having most of my family still here, I know how important it is to keep this community thriving and helping those within it. I was lucky to purchase my first home through the HomeOwnership Center and know how the great opportunities they provide can help others like myself.”

We all appreciate Brittany’s and PJ’s willingness to serve and to help support and spread the word about the work the HomeOwnership Center is doing in the area. Welcome aboard Brittany and PJ!