Happy Homeowners – Samantha & Owen


Meet Samantha and Owen – two Pennsylvania natives who made their way to the Mountain State roughly eight years ago. Owen came to Elkins in 2012 to study at Davis and Elkins College, and Samantha followed suit in 2015 to be a member of an AmeriCorps program. Now, Owen is employed at VanNostrand Architects based in Buckhannon and Samantha works at LMC & Associates in Elkins. After living in downtown Elkins for five years, the pair decided it was time to purchase their first home together and turned to the HomeOwnership Center for some homebuying education and guidance.

We chatted with Samantha and Owen to find how out the house hunting process was and how the HomeOwnership Center played a role in finding their Randolph County home.

Owen and Samantha on the day the two closed on their home.

When did you become homeowners?

We closed on our house in December of 2020!

How did the HomeOwnership Center help you in the process of buying a home?

We first approached HOC in 2018 and set up an appointment to see how financially fit we were and how ready we were to buy in home in the future. We also took the Home Buyer Education class. Although we didn’t buy a home right away, this was a great first step for us.

When we seriously began looking again in October 2020, we reached back out to HOC and they quickly began assisting us again. They were very helpful and answered so many of our questions. As first-time home buyers we sure did have a lot of them!

Did you have any specific worries that the HOC helped ease your mind?

The HOC staff really took the time to get to know us, our financial situation and helped guide us forward safely throughout the process.

How did you hear about the HomeOwnership Center?

A friend had used HOC to buy his home and recommended them to us.

Would you recommend the HOC to friends and family members looking to buy a home?

Absolutely – they were very helpful throughout the stressful time and one of the biggest decisions we’ve made so far!

The couple now reside in a beautiful two-story home with their dog, Myra and two cats, Dexter and Luna.

We are more than thrilled to know Samantha and Owen are home sweet home with the help of our staff and services!


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