HomeOwnership Center Invites Former Customers to June Celebration

There is lots to celebrate this month at the HomeOwnership Center. June is national home ownership month, and as would be expected, this always is a matter of celebration at the HomeOwnership Center. One way the organization celebrates each year is by cutting in half the cost of their home buyer education workshop for the month. The first week of June is National NeighborWorks Week, and as a NeighborWorks member organization, the HomeOwnership Center is happy to promote this year’s theme of Advancing Opportunity, as this is what they strive to do every day for area residents who are seeking the opportunity to become home owners.

This year, however, is particularly special, as the HomeOwnership Center is celebrating twenty years of creating and supporting successful home owners in north central West Virginia. Since 1998, the HomeOwnership Center has provided financial counseling or education to over 3200 individuals and families, and has assisted nearly 1000 of them to become home buyers. In honor of that achievement, later this month the organization will be hosting an event to celebrate all of the board members, staff, partners, and especially the customers who have made this anniversary possible.

Over the years, the HomeOwnership Center has lost touch with many of the homebuyers who have come through its doors. As they reach this important 20 year milestone, however, the organization would like to reach out to these customers and invite them to share their success stories and to join in the celebration. To that end, the HomeOwnership Center invites anyone who purchased a home with the organization’s assistance to contact them for event information by calling 304-636-9115 or emailing [email protected]. “We really would like to see a lot of our former homebuyers and celebrate with them at our anniversary event. We hope that many of them will get in touch with us so that we can personally invite them, and thank them for helping to make the HomeOwnership Center the successful organization that it is. All are welcome!” explained Executive Director Kate Somers.