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Webster County, WV – First Time Home Buyer Program

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Webster Springs & Surrounding Areas

The HomeOwnership Center in Elkins welcomes homeowners and prospective homeowners in Webster Springs and throughout Webster County, WV, to participate in our first-time home buyer and home owner support programs. For over 20 years, we have been educating and assisting residents throughout North Central West Virginia with a wide range of financial, personal advising, and educational services at our office in Elkins. We also offer a selection of affordable home loan options to help make homeownership a real possibility for all residents. You are invited to benefit from our personal financial coaching, credit counseling, educational courses, and advising services regardless of income level.

Credit Counseling for Webster County, WV

If owning a home of your own in Webster County is one of your goals, we can help at our office in Elkins! The HomeOwnership Center offers confidential credit counseling to help you understand how your credit rating relates to obtaining a mortgage loan, the meaning of items listed in your credit report, and several other factors. We will go over which items affect your credit score and, if applicable, assist you with establishing, improving, or re-establishing credit. If any incorrect information is found, our friendly staff is also available to assist you with filing a dispute to help eliminate the erroneous information from your report.

Affordable Home Loans for Webster Springs, WV

Regardless of your income level, the HomeOwnership Center offers valuable programs that were specifically designed to provide affordable loans to assist home buyers and homeowners. If you have been denied a mortgage loan from a bank, would like to learn more about the benefits of refinancing, or want to make home improvements for your Webster Springs home, we can help at our office in Elkins.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, we will help guide and support you throughout the entire process. Our experienced team will explain everything and assist you by ensuring that you are able to access valuable assistance from all programs you are eligible to receive.

  • First-Time Home Buyer
  • Veterans
  • Limited Income Options
  • FHA Loans
  • USDA-Guaranteed and Direct Loans
  • Home Repair Loans
  • Traditional Mortgages for Upsizing and Downsizing

For more information regarding qualifications and available options, contact us at: (304) 636-9115.