Randolph County

Randolph County, WV – First Time Home Buyer Program & Requirements

HomeOwnership Center Serves
Elkins, Mill Creek, and Beverly

The HomeOwnership Center works with residents of all income levels living in Elkins, Mill Creek, Beverly, and throughout Randolph County, WV, to strengthen their communities through homeownership. We serve clients at our office in Elkins. We strive to help individuals achieve and hold on to the American Dream of becoming a homeowner by providing pre and post-purchase financial advice and education. We also help individuals and families develop a budget, understand the impact of their credit score, and how to secure the best loan rates by taking advantage of all available options.

As a non-profit mortgage lender, our customers are our priority. We are proud to see the positive effects that our organization has made on the communities we have served over the past 20 years. We look forward to continuing to promote affordable homeownership, improvement of the housing stock, and ongoing community development.

Credit Counseling in Randolph County, WV

Have you been thinking about purchasing a home in Randolph County, WV? One of the first things you should do is check your credit score. The ability to obtain credit at a rate that is affordable for you is one of the most important predictors of long-term homeowner success. We will explain all relevant aspects of how your credit score, including your income-to-debt ratio, affects how lenders view your mortgage or loan application. We strongly encourage all who are considering embarking on the path to homeownership to attend these valuable educational sessions. If your credit score could use a boost, we can also provide advice to help you meet the requirements to get your score into a more favorable range.

Competitively Priced Home Loans in Elkins, Beverly, and Mill Creek

The HomeOwnership Center, Inc. specializes in assisting first-time home buyers throughout the entire process from exploring all of your options to providing competitively-priced mortgage, refinancing, and home improvement loans. Our programs are available to all residents living in Mill Creek, Beverly, and Elkins regardless of income; whether your home purchase is your first, an upgrade, or a downsize from your current home. In many cases, we are able to assist those who have been denied a loan from their bank, as well as those who require payment assistance. Our mortgage options and programs open the door to homeownership for many who would otherwise not qualify for a reasonably-priced loan.

  • Veterans
  • Traditional Mortgages for Upsizing and Downsizing
  • Home Repair Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • First -Time Home Buyer
  • Limited Income Options
  • USDA-Guaranteed and Direct Loans

If you are interested in exploring your options regarding our educational and advising services, requirements, or applying for our lending services, contact our dedicated team at: (304) 636-9115.