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A Wide Variety of Loans for All Income Levels

In 2013, our revolving loan portfolio grew by 27% year over year.

The HomeOwnership Center offers a wide variety of mortgage products for prospective home buyers and existing home owners at all income levels throughout north central West Virginia.

Some of our most popular types of loan products include

  • Conventional mortgage financing up to $417,000 for qualified borrowers
  • Special products for first-time home buyers
  • Mortgage refinancing for existing home owners
  • USDA guaranteed and direct loans for moderate and low-income families
  • FHA low-down-payment loans
  • VA loans for qualified veterans
  • Loans for the acquisition and rehabilitation of foreclosed properties
  • Loans for home repairs and improvements to correct health, safety or accessibility issues—including improvements for elderly or handicapped residents. Loans are also available for energy-efficiency upgrades and preserving the structural quality and value of owner-occupied housing. See info sheet.

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